As a manufacturer of materials, Japan U-Pica helps to achieve a prosperous society and comfortable lifestyles for those who live in it.

  • Environment and Safety Policy
    • 1.We will strive to eliminate industrial accidents and injuries to Zero by promoting mieruka (identifying problems and bringing them to the foreground) and strengthening genbaryoku (capabilities to find and solve problems in the field) .
    • 2.We will endeavor to make continuous environmental, safety, and health improvements in every business process, in every department, and at every level in order to protect the global environment.
    • 3.In all processes, from raw materials procurement to product development, manufacturing, sale, transportation, and disposal, we will endeavor to store and control chemical substances used in those processes in an appropriate, scientifically based manner to protect the environment, safety, and health.
    • 4.We will endeavor to use resources and energy efficiently through reuse and recycling and eliminate waste to ensure that U-Pica products are earth-friendly.
    • 5.We will conduct creative research and development so that product development and research findings help to protect the global environment and safety.
    • 6.We will comply with laws, regulations, and standards and work throughout the company to find creative solutions and further enhance the environment, safety, and health.
    • 7.We will strive to make this policy on the environment, safety, and health known to all employees and will pursue dialogue internally and externally that includes a discussion of the results of our continuous improvement efforts.
  • Japan U-Pica Company Ltd., as a chemical company manufacturing and selling polyester resin, acrylic resin, (meth)acrylic ester, and epoxy acrylate resin, has established the following Quality Policy to ensure outstanding product quality for our customers.
    We also set quality targets in keeping with the Quality Policy, check the extent to which we meet these targets, and conduct reviews.

    • 1.Enhancing customer satisfaction
      • ・We will accurately learn our customers’ requirements and offer quality products that ensure customer satisfaction.
      • ・We will continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality management system to maintain that system in conformity with specifications.
    • 2.Quality stabilization
      • ・We will comply with work procedures, improve our production technologies, and make equipment improvements to provide high-quality products to our customers.
    • 3.Lowering manufacturing costs
      • •We will appropriately track manufacturing costs and expose and eliminate hidden waste to enhance profitability on commissioned products and low-price products.
      • •We will advance both top-down and bottom-up energy-saving initiatives to reduce manufacturing costs.
    • 4.Human resource development
      • •We will develop human resources for the future through the education of production technology, resin compounding technology and other know-how.
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