CBZ® for carbon composites

  • Description

    U-PiCA's CBZ® is a series of urethane methacrylate resins particularly designed for carbon fiber composites, which can be adapted to a wide range of composite processes such as RTM, VaRTM(infusion), hand lay-up molding, pultrusion, filament winding molding, and press molding.

    CBZ for carbon composites

  • Applications

  • Features

    • Excellent bonding to Carbon fiber with general sizing
    • Excellent compatibility to Glass-, Aramid-, Basalt-, fibers
    • Providing well-balanced properties
    • Easy impregnation (500L,500LM-AS, 255L-AS, 650FL)
    • Excellent thermal performance(255 series)
    • Low water up-take
    • Resistance to moisture, oils, fuels
    • Flame retardance(CBZ650F, 650FL : UL94 V-0)
    • Good durability (except CBZ 650F series)

    • Faster processability than epoxy resins
    • Light weight design
    • High mechanical performance with reduced post-cure time

    Why use CBZ ?

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