We provide our products operated the sufficient quality, with suitable properties for customer’s needs.

New products
  • CBZ® for carbon composites JAPAN U-PICA’ COMPOSITE Resins CBZ® is designed for carbon composites, manufactured using vacuum assisted resin transfer molding (VaRTM). CBZ® can be used for not only VaRTM but also filament winding molding and hand lay-up molding. CBZ® provides excellent bonding to carbon fiber, therefore carbon fiber composites made from CBZ® show equal to or more performance than those from previously used resin.

  • BIOMUP® for powder coatings  We have developed polyester resin for powder coatings, using biomass-materials in order to reduce the use of fossil fuels. The CO2 reductions can be achieved through changing from fossil fuels to biomass-materials.

  • We have developed polyester resin for HAA (β-hydroxyalkylamide) powder coatings. It offers excellent flow, mechanical properties, and exterior durability.

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