Business Overview

Creative ideas and advanced technology are the driving force that anticipate the times.

Japan U-Pica started out making unsaturated polyester resins. We have expanded its business field to such areas as epoxy-acrylate resins, urethane acrylate resins, and methacrylic esters. As an R&D oriented manufacturer, Japan U-Pica keep developing products jointly with our valued customers that meet various needs. They are used in a wide variety of fields such as for housing equipments, automobile, vehicle, electrical parts, coatings, electronics and optical parts, and more.
We also offer environmentally friendly products: UV and EB curable resins that don’t contain organic solvent, saturated polyester resins for powder coating and unsaturated polyester resins for FRP using biomass derived raw materials.
Japan U-Pica strives constantly, with our originality and advanced technology, to innovate in manufacturing materials which will be useful for the 21st century life.

Business Overview image
Business Overview image
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