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President's Message
Representative Director and President Hiroyuki Otsuka

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your exceptional understanding and support for Japan U-Pica.

The U and P in "U-Pica" stand for "Unsaturated Polyester." This is the major resin used in fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) and coatings.

FRP is a composite material that combines resin with reinforced fiber, such as glass and carbon, resulting in excellent properties that cannot be attained by the single materials. The extremely light and strong carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) has many superb characteristics and variety of applications, ranging from sports goods and equipment that we are familiar with, to aerospace, automobile and other industrial fields.

Japan U-Pica offers CBZ®, a resin for CFRP that has excellent properties and provides high productivity, as well as unique feature that are not found in other types of resin. We hope that it will be used in a wide range of applications for industrial materials and we will work harder to achieve this goal.

Japan U-Pica's flame-retardant resins has a long history and it has been used successfully in many fields. In recent years, we have been focusing on excellent flame-retardant resins with the best flame retardance in the market and a low smoke compound that provides excellent low smoke. We predict that these two products have potential for further growth in fields including railroad cars, electrical/electronic parts and construction materials.

Consumers do not often directly see the resins that Japan U-Pica provides. However, by product development, we are capable of meeting the needs of society flexibly, especially when it comes to addressing environmental and safety concerns and ensuring comfort. Our resin can be transformed into different components, forming a foundation that supports a variety of industrial fields such as housing, home appliances, IT, construction and logistics. Japan U-Pica is committed to developing a sustainable society together with our customers.

In addition, based on the safety philosophy that "ensuring safety is the top priority of our business activities," we will make further efforts to maintain safety and achieve zero accidents and disasters.

The organization grows with people, and the growth and happiness of employees is also an important theme. By creating an environment where employees can work happily, we will achieve further growth and as a result, we hope to meet the expectations of our stakeholders.

We look forward to your continued patronage, guidance, and encouragement.

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