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Corporate Philosophy

As a manufacturer of materials, we contribute to make society more affluent through the supply of unique materials.

Since our foundation in October 1977, U-Pica has consistently conducted business under the Corporate Philosophy that “As a manufacturer of materials, we contribute to make society more affluent through the supply of unique materials.” and we have always believed that our most important asset is our technology.
U-Pica manufactures and sells plastics like unsaturated polyester resins and epoxy acrylate resins, as well as sheet molding compounds (SMC) and various methacrylic esters and coating resins. And to meet the needs of the times, we have developed and expanded our line of eco-friendly products like BIOMUP® .
We have gained a strong reputation in a wide range of areas, including materials for advanced technical fields like electronics and high-function composite materials, as well as flame-resistant resins, highly corrosion-resistant resins, and resins that cure under ultraviolet light or electronic beams.

When customers see, touch, or use finished products, they can tell if they are of good quality or not. However, a product’s materials may look completely different from the product itself, especially so if the material is a chemical substance. For that reason, people do not notice these materials, even though the product’s actual performance depends on them.
Materials, in other words, play a key role behind the scenes. Today, as in the past, U-Pica works with materials like these that are filled with possibilities. It is our privilege to use them to build a richer future.

We are also constantly aware of our social responsibility. We believe in the importance of respecting the law and doing business based on corporate ethics.
With our technical strengths and sense of corporate ethics, we aim to earn the trust of users and society and make further dramatic advances toward achieving our Corporate Philosophy.
Going forward, U-Pica will continue to respect our Corporate Philosophy and manage our business in a way that practices both technical innovation and corporate ethics. In this manner, we will endeavor at all times to win the praise of users, shareholders, and the broader market and to contribute to society.
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